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Garden Railways in the Snow

With the UK covered with another blanket of snow, it’s important to look after your railway.

If snow has brought down branches, check to make sure they have not damaged your railway.

It may also be a good idea to clear the snow from the tracks and any other accessories – you wouldn’t want anybody stepping on them and breaking them!

As the video below shows, this doesn’t have to be a boring job 🙂


Top 10 Reasons To Have a Garden Railway

  • 10. Let’s start with the obvious – it’s fun!
  • 9. They help you learn new skills, and rediscover old ones
  • 8. A great conversation piece – how many people have a working railway in their garden?
  • 7. Social aspects are great. Everyone wants to lend a hand and have a go
  • 6. There’s always something new to add, or something that you might want to change
  • 5. The satisfaction of running your first train
  • 4. It makes your garden a whole lot more interesting
  • 3. On a related note, it encourages you to take care of your garden to keep your line looking nice!
  • 2. They’re great fun for the kids
  • 1. Be honest, it’s what you’ve always wanted and dreamed of since you were a child – treat yourself!