Top 10 Reasons To Have a Garden Railway

  • 10. Let’s start with the obvious – it’s fun!
  • 9. They help you learn new skills, and rediscover old ones
  • 8. A great conversation piece – how many people have a working railway in their garden?
  • 7. Social aspects are great. Everyone wants to lend a hand and have a go
  • 6. There’s always something new to add, or something that you might want to change
  • 5. The satisfaction of running your first train
  • 4. It makes your garden a whole lot more interesting
  • 3. On a related note, it encourages you to take care of your garden to keep your line looking nice!
  • 2. They’re great fun for the kids
  • 1. Be honest, it’s what you’ve always wanted and dreamed of since you were a child – treat yourself!

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